Bigger Than War - Boy George

from the album This Is What I Do (2013)

It begins with the low-volume click of a simple beat and evolves into a full drum roll.  It is followed by vocals and electric keys.  The vocals are crisp and clear, with a rich texture and confident delivery.  Enter backing vocalists and muscular horns that add big soul to the R&B vibe.  All the while, the band is inching towards that sweet celebration.  The crescendo arrives with the chorus:

Bigger than you
Bigger than me
Love is bigger than war

The melody line created by the vocals and horns is stellar.  The horn add punch.  The background singers throw a little church to the mix.  The result is irresistible.  Downshift to the verse, and the lead vocal stylings become reminiscent of Michael Hutchence-era INXS.  The longer this song goes on, the deeper I lose myself in the groove.

This is the new Boy George song.  I really dig it.  It is modern and on-point, while still having a retro club goodness that makes me smile.  Check it out.  I hope it reminds you that beneath the braids, hat, and make-up lived an incredible singer who captivated the western world with his music.  Thirty years later, that talent thrives.

Way to go, Boy George, I tip my hat to you.

Click Here to listen to the album version of Bigger Than War.