Bissao - Francis Bebey

from the album Francis Bebey (2013)

I woke up way too early, turned on the tube, and watched this crazy world.  Mayors smoking crack.  Girl avatars luring pedophiles.  A faster, more lethal, spy plane.  Did I drink too much tequila last night?  Naaa, but maybe too much sour mix.  How does one cope?  African House Music, that's how !!!

Bissao by Francis Bebey is the perfect tune.  Although Francis died in 2001, electronic producers have been rediscovering his 20+ albums,  along with those of others he worked with, including the great Manu Dibango (if you are unfamiliar, check out Soul Makossa).  I dig Francis Bebey.  He was not only a great musician and composer, he was also a sculptor and a celebrated author.  He makes Cameroon proud.

The Pilooski Edit of this song turns me on.  The African vibes and a big dance beat have me dancing around my hotel room like a trippin' dead head.  The bass groove is deep and infectious.  And the myriad of hooks has my head spinning like a wobbly 78 … and it is only 4:30AM !!!

Click Here to watch the music video for this tune.  Dig the groove !!!

Click Here to listen to Soul Makossa by Manu Dibango.


  1. Tequila? On a school night? Who does that? At least you got some sour mix with it. Recently, I was someplace where there appeared to be a shortage, so I forced to drink it pretty much straight up- not very lady like, but oh so fun!

    This song will easily make it on my "tunes to clean the houes to" playlist. I can see myself swiffering away to it. Right along with Song for Junior and Oye Como Va. Just call me Senora que Limpia.

    See kids, what too much tequila can do?


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