Bodybabe - Spleen

from the album Voices (2013)

Bodybabe is a sexy, R&B tune perfectly suited for late night listening.  It is one of many excellent songs on Voices, the latest album by Parisian singer Spleen.

Vibe and groove are magnificently constructed on this record.  It is done by layering instrumental and vocal tracks to create an avalanche of sound that keeps coming at you.  The foundation is created by a simple snare beat that transverses the entire song coupled with a six-note bass line that is equally simple.  Together, they comprise a bouncing groove that hooks me.

The vocal layering is inspired.  Spleen has the ability to sing in multiple formats, alternating from a rap-styled delivery to an R&B falsetto.  Beneath this are a combination of male and female vocals delivering runs, siren calls, and yelps of "sexy, sexy."  My favorite part is when Spleen delivers a Prince-inspired spoken word breakdown of:

She wants me
But only for my body
She's crazy
But sexy like nobody

In the end, this is one of the best R&B songs I've heard this year.  It would sound great in a club, lounge, or anywhere your inner gigolo might take you.

Click Here to watch the official music video to Bodybabe.