Do What You Got To - Afrolicious

from the album California Dreaming (2013)

I am back in my little corner of the world for a day, after a week of rambling from city to city.  But rather than collapsing across the finish line and recharging for the next round, I am all juiced up, jamming to the funk and groove.

Reminds me of a James Brown story.  When JB was a young boy, he was sitting in a Georgia movie theatre with his mother, who was growing aggravated with his moving around.  "Stop your fidgeting" his mother said, to which young James replied "How can I do that, I'm all molecules".

Afrolicious is playing on my back deck this morning and I'm out there drinking espresso and dancing in the drizzle.  It feels good to unleash my molecules.  The song I'm digging most is Do What You Got To Do.  This is a five-and-a-half minute funk instrumental, played brilliantly by these fine Bay Area jam masters.  You can hear a little James Brown, a little Fela, and a whole lot of Afrolicious in this tune.

The intro grabs me right away with funky guitars over global percussion.  Then enter the bass with a righteous run and BAM the groove begins.  A little bit later the horns enter.  They lift this song to higher heights, particularly at the end when the trumpet lets loose.

But the thing that makes the song for me are the keyboard tracks.  Their combination of sharp tones and long sustains takes me right to my favorite Fela songs, like Zombie and ITT.  This excites me and pumps even more sunshine into my rainy day.

The next leg of my "US Tour" begins tomorrow in LA.  Looking forward towards catching some shows while I'm there.  Groove on…

Click Here to listen to Do What You Want on SoundCloud.  I particularly enjoy the comment posted by stephenmccluney:  "sooo chunky u guys keep the soup nasty nd the chunk simple layered funk stanky".  Wish I'd said that.


  1. Maybe I've been a nurse way too long, because the words chunky, nasty and stanky usually meant I was gonna have a REAL bad shift.

    But spoken oh so eloquently here, I am hep to the meaning and can't think of a better way to describe it.

    Poor little James Brown, trying to batten down his molecules. Glad my mom never did that to me.


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