Drop The Game - Flume & Chet Faker

from the EP Lockjaw (2013)

Australia continues to produce some of the best new music on the planet.  So, it is exciting to have two of their top rising artists come together and record a collection of songs.  It is even more exciting that the results are dazzling.

Flume is an electronic musician, producer and DJ who - at the age of 22 - has achieved wide notoriety and praise.  His 2012 self titled album reached the top of the Australian charts and earned him over a dozen awards and nominations.  Do yourself a favor and check out his song Holdin' On.

Chet Faker is also an electronic artist who specializes in downtempo.  He is differentiated from other artists by the quality of his vocals.   I became a fan of his music in 2012, when I first heard his album Thinking In Textures, including cover version of  Blackstreet's No Diggity.

Having these two fine artists come together is a very special treat.  I am particularly smitten with the song Drop The Game.  I like how the song uses vocals as an introduction.  It grabs you.  Then enters the main body of the song with a lyricless backing vocal track creating a haunting melody line.  Flume then uses samples of Chet Faker's vocals to echo in the background adding to the song's vibe.  Collectively, the way vocals are performed and manipulated on this song is special.

Also of note is the music.  The beat is simple with a nice treble kick and echo.  The synthesizer tracks rise and fall like sirens, bringing a sense of urgency to the vocals.  The intertwining of the vocal melody with the synthesizers is my favorite part of the arrangement.

Do yourself a favor and explore the music of these two talented artists.

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