Fight To Keep - Run River North

from the forthcoming album Run River North (2013)

I am in Los Angeles for a few days, which always means catching some great live music.  In advance of my trip, I bought tickets to a Howe Gelb show at the Hotel Cafe, a great Hollywood venue.  It was an early show.

Feeling somewhat knackered, I decided to take a late afternoon "disco nap."  Unfortunately, I did not set an alarm and woke up 40 minutes before showtime.  I channeled my inner fireman to get dressed and out the door in about 4 minutes.  Two minutes later I speeding down the entrance ramp to the 405 and BAM a wall of traffic.  This resulted in me getting to the show an hour late.

The "will call dude" shared my pain but advised that the rest of the bill was strong.  I grabbed a Stella and settled in for the next band.  They were more than good and sounded familiar, but I couldn't place them.  Their third song turned out to be Wishing You The Best.  It was Campfire OK, playing one of my favorite songs of 2012.  How fortuitous !!!

After their set, the room started to get crowded.  People were streaming in to see Run River North, a band that I was unfamiliar with.  They proved fantastic, playing an indie-roots music with strong songwriting, musicianship, and originality.  The six piece band included two violinists, who occasionally provided the sole backing to the acoustic strumming singer.  Other times, the full band let loose.  You got a sense that you would not see this band playing small venues much longer.

Their closing number was a new song called Fight To Keep.  It was the highlight of their set.  A jubilant song with a great beat, harmonies, and vibe.  The group next to me began square dancing.  The entire audience was smiling and grooving.  It was a happy room.

It turns out that Run River North used to go by the name Monsters Calling Home.  However, with the success of Of Monsters And Men, they wisely elected to change their name.  That must suck.  But whatever you call this band, I sure dig them.  It is great when a busted night turns special.

Click Here to watch a music video Fight To Keep.

Click Here to read last year's blog entry on Wishing You The Best by Campfire OK.


  1. Wait...what?

    You saw Campfire OK by accident?

    The band that I love, the one I asked to come to CO to see me, and never did, probably because they think they need to line up high level security to keep me away?

    I haven't felt this level of jealousy since HS when my "boyfriend" took Eileen Ryan to the beach behind my back.

    If nothing else though, revisiting the blog post from a year ago brought back good memories and the song, which disappeared out of my music libraries these past 2 weeks when both phone an PC blew up. I will gladly re-pay for the download though.

    So Run River North----awesome!!! You did have a good night, despite missing the guy you tried to see. No wonder the room was happy! This is a great song.

    Hope California is treating you well on this day that took me 2.5 hrs to get to work due to icy conditions. adding to my crankiness. No wonder no one wants to come to CO.

    Well, 40 Watt, here's Wishing You The Best, though it sounds like all is well in your world. :)


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