Half About Being A Woman - Caroline Smith

from the album Half About Being A Woman (2013)

One of the life lessons that nobody ever taught me was knowing when to pivot.

In each phase of life, I have considered my path, charted my course, and worked hard to reach my goals.  Inevitably, each phase has taken me further - but never far enough - and in order to advance I've had to pivot.  In virtually every case, I've waited too long, determined to make the current path work.  This has cost me valuable time and made the realization of these goals more remote.  Still I try, supremely confident that I will succeed.

I have the utmost respect for Caroline Smith for pivoting with her new album, Half About Being A Woman.  Until now, this Minnesota musician has attempted to make her way in the world of indie rock.  Despite her valiant efforts the results have been lukewarm.  So with her latest release, she has elected to chart a new course with an R&B record.

Her performance unleashes an inner R&B spirit that is genuine and moving.  On this record she does not try to imitate Mariah Carey or Alicia Keyes, instead she puts her own soul on display.  This earns my deepest admiration.

My favorite song on her record is the title track.  The songwriting is excellent, with heartfelt lyrics that ring over the beautiful arrangement and musical performances.  On this song, Caroline Smith reveals inner truths not found on her previous records.  It is one thing to have soul, it is another to put it onto a record.

I find her decision to pivot inspiring.  With her bold move she has set a course for greater success.  There is nothing I dig more.

Click Here to watch Caroline Smith perform Half About Being A Woman live in Saint Cloud, Minnesota.

Click Here to watch a stripped down version of this song.