If You're Looking For A Way Out - Tindersticks

from the album Across Six Leap Years (2013)

The band Odyssey struck disco gold in 1977 with their classic, Native New Yorker.  However, the rest of their catalogue contains some of the finest - and most underrated - soul and R&B of that era.  I discovered this back around the turn of the millennium when the British indie rock band Tindersticks released a righteous cover version of Odyssey's If You're Looking for A Way Out.

Fast forward to 2013 and Tindersticks has released an album of re-recorded versions of their greater hits, including an updated version of their Odyssey cover.  It is one off the best late night downtempo soul grooves of the year.

Rather than dissect all the greatness in the guitar, keyboard, and orchestration tracks, or fawn over the vocals, production, and vibe; simply open a bottle of wine, get your chill on, and listen to this fine song.  It is really good.

Click Here to listen to Tindersticks performing If You're Looking For A Way Out from their most recent album.

Click Here to watch Tindersticks perform the song live as part of a radio session.

Click Here to listen to Odyssey's original version of If You're Looking For A Way Out.

Click Here to watch Odyssey perform Native New Yorker.