Integratron - Dengue Fever

from the album Venus On Earth (2013)

Dengue Fever is a band with that rare ability of laying down unique vibes that sound great.  I recently gave a copy of their 2009 album Sleepwalking Through The Mekon to a close friend who was "lost in the 80's".  He tells me that the album is the only thing he listens to these days, particularly the song One Thousand Tears Of A Tarantula.  I am glad to help, because 80's habits are hard to break.

On their new album, Venus On Earth, the magical vibes continue.  I am hooked on the tune Integratron.  This song sounds like an acid-laced 60's spy movie soundtrack with a woman singing lead vocals in Cambodian.  Another writer described their sound as "Pre-Pol Pot cheesy psychedelic-cum-lounge-surf-garage pop."  What could be better than that !!!

The heroine of Dengue Fever is their enchanting singer, Chhom Nimol.  Her conviction and glorious intonation are evident on every song she sings.  The rest of the band is equally stellar.  The guitar, organ, bass and drums each play with perfect tone and restraint, allowing the vocals to soar.  I would love to see this band live.

I recommend Dengue Fever to many of my friends looking for something new.  I hope you like them too…

Click Here to listen to Integratron.