No Stranger - Small Black

from the album Limits Of Desire (2013)

Small Black is an indie band from Brooklyn.  Their song No Stranger has been a staple of my playlists for the past six months.

The song is a modern uplift of an 80's new wave vibe.  Led by synthesizer tracks, great guitar technique, and falsetto vocals, this song could have found its way straight onto the Pretty In Pink soundtrack, back in the days when "Tommy was tubular and Jimmy was just tripendicular".

What I dig most about this song is its arrangement and choice of tones.  When listening to No Stranger on a good set of headphones, the craftsmanship of the arrangement really stands out.  Laid out with an orchestral flair, the oscillating keyboard tracks interwind and serpentine with the guitar and vocal tracks, lifting the listener and softly laying them back down.

The choices of tone further enhance the arrangement.  The lush reverb on the vocals, the echo on the drums, and the equalization of the bass groove all stand out.  There are small nuances of this song where tones reminiscent of U2, OMD, and Ultravox can be heard.  I dig that.

Click Here for the official music video.

Click Here to watch the song performed live on KEXP.