Retrograde - James Blake

from the album Overgrown (2013)

It is mind-boggling how awesome some human voices sound.  James Blake has one of those voices, as witnessed on the song Retrograde.

Throughout the song's introduction, he sings wordless falsetto runs over a simple beat and sustained piano chords.  It is chillingly good.  I've been racking my brain trying to equate it with some other male vocalist.  Perhaps D'Angelo on Brown Sugar, but that is not quite right.

I am also fascinated with the music on this song.  It is fairly minimalistic - just beats, electric piano, and keyboards - but manages to create a full soundscape and vibe that serves as the perfect backdrop for the soaring vocals.

I believe that when people look back on 2013, this song will be one of the year's highlights.

Click Here to watch Retrograde performed on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Click Here to watch Retrograde performed live in the studios of KEXP.