Seven Wheels - MC Yogi

from the single Seven Wheels (2013)

Several years ago, I began getting into electronic and hip/hop music from India.  It was a new world of vibes and grooves.  Of all the artists I uncovered, MC Yogi was my clear favorite.

The cool thing about MC Yogi is that beyond the trippy, hippy vibe were a set of positive lyrics that always taught me something new.  My favorite song was Be The Change which chronicled the life of Gandhi.  Its chorus was like a mantra "You've got to be the change that you want to see in this world, just like Gandhi."  Then there was his fantastic album Elephant Power, where I learned enough about the Hindu religion and culture that I seemed enlightened to the locals during a month in Mumbai.

During that trip, I shot lots of video riding thru the crazy, crowded streets in my tiny taxi cab.  The video of these rides put to MC Yogi and other Indian hip/hop artists is incredible.

His new single is Seven Wheels, from a forthcoming album titled Mantras Beats & Meditations.  This song is something of an instructional guide to meditation.  It starts with the "first wheel at the base of the spine" and works its way up to the "seventh wheel at the top sits like a crown."

Supporting this are some great beats and sounds.  The result is catchy and inviting.  If you are like me, you will dig it and have a hard time placing it.  It should make a great addition to one of my trippy party mixes.

Click Here for MC Yogi's Facebook page.  Currently you need to go to iTunes to listen to this song, but he will likely post a new video link when one becomes available.

Click Here for the official video to Be The Change, my favorite MC Yogi tune.

Click Here to watch him perform the song Forward at Wanderlust in Vermont earlier this year.  Cool video with girls dancing in florescent body paint.

Click Here to read my blog entry for the song Ganesha (Sound The Horn Instrumental) by MC Yogi.  It was originally posted in April 2013.