Try Again - Resonators

from the album The Constant (2013)

I am in Florida this week but nowhere near a beach.  I have been dreaming of having my toes in the sand and an icy liquor bomb in my hand.  When these fancies hit me, I find myself listening to reggae tunes.

Resonators play a brand of reggae that is more London than Kingstown.  The UK Reggae Guide has this to say:

"… true understanding and passion of roots music.  Resonators undoubtably have a real ear for taking original roots reggae and imprinting their own modern, innovative stamp which is both unique and extremely refreshing in modern roots music."

The first thing that hits me about this song is its classic roots reggae vibe.  The meter and tone are spot on, with horns adding extra delight.  Then enter the soulful vocals of their two female vocalists, Faye Houston and Kassia Zermon.  As I listen to this song - over and over - I am in awe of their singing.  It is as good as reggae vocals get.  I also dig the light touch of the guitarist.

Once you have worn out the grooves on this song, check out Dub Again, an extended instrumental version of this song that lets you fully appreciate what a great band Resonators are.

Click Here to listen to Try Again on SoundCloud.

Click Here to watch Resonators perform Try Again live.  How fun would it have been to be at this gig?

Click Here to listen to the Dub Again version of the tune.