We Got A Love - Shit Robot

from the single We Got A Love (2013)

I get excited hearing the words Shit Robot, knowing that I'm about to get my groove on.

Shit Robot is the pseudonym of Irish DJ and Musician Marcus Lambkin.  I first stumbled onto his album From The Cradle To The Rave in 2010 and felt that he was an artist worth tracking.  On that album, he presented an encyclopedic knowledge of dance vibes and a propensity to combine them with superior results.

This fall, Shit Robot returns with the song We Got A Love.  This is a big beat, club track complete with high-octane keyboard playing, lots of echo, and a deep bass groove.  I really dig that the synthesizer riff that enters during the fifth measure reminds me of a classical number by Richard Strauss.  I also dig the vocals by Reggie Watts, one of the few people who can belt out a disco tune and do stand-up comedy.  Cool dude.

Click Here for the official music video.

Click Here to watch Shit Robot spin some tunes.