Christmas At The Airport - Nick Lowe

from the album Quality Street: A Seasonal Selection For All The Family (2013)

In a few hours, I will start yet another leg of my "never-ending tour."  December will consist of 20+ days on the road with stops in NYC, London, and Texas.  So much for being home for the holidays.

One of the downsides of flying this time of year are weather related delays.  A few years ago, I almost spent Christmas in Memphis after my flight was diverted there due to an ice storm in my hometown.  Another time, I had a flight from Tokyo that was delayed one-hour for twenty-six consecutive hours due to weather and de-icing equipment issues.  The one-hour delays prevented anybody from leaving the gate, almost causing a riot.  I share in the blame for that.

Nowadays, I have learned to channel my inner zen and put my trust in the travel gods.  Digital music and good headphones certainly help (as does a good book).  So now, while other people are flailing their arms at the gate agents, I am kicking back getting my groove on.  Yippie for me.

Should that happen this year, you can bet I'll be listening to Christmas In The Airport by Nick Lowe.  This song is pure pop for travel people, filled with all the wit and charm you expect from this master songwriter.  I love lines like "the terminal was seething, without much Christmas cheer" and "I should be at the table with all my kith and kin, but don't save me any turkey, I found a burger in a bin."

Hats off to Nick Lowe.  His songs have been making me smile for as long as I've been digging music.

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