Colette (Subie Subie) - The Low Frequency In Stereo

from the album Pop Obskura (2013)

I dig bass.  I dig a meaty subwoofer.  I dig it in the song Love Rollercoaster when the baritone vocal comes in with his "Say what?"  If you've got a spectrum analyzer, you will find me digging the stuff on the left side of the screen.  So, is there any doubt I would dig a band called The Low Frequency In Stereo?

Hailing from Hagesund, Norway, this band plays with an energetic, art pop feel and a vibe that - at times - reminds me of bands like Joy Division and Stereolab.  Their new album Pop Obskura is strong from beginning to end.  My favorite song on the record is Colette (Subie Subie).

This song hooks me from the opening measures.  The primary guitar track is chunking out chords with a treble tone that sounds like you are prying open a metal box with a seagull.  It is an original tone that I dig.    This is coupled with a straight, uptempo drum beat hammered out on a closed hi-hat.  The hi-hat adds to the metallic feel.  Behind it in the mix is a surf-inspired guitar riff that adds tension to the song.  This intro excites me.

Then enter the vocals.  The innocent female voice juxtaposes the guitars and beat.  At the end of each vocal line, female backing vocals sing the words "Subie Subie" providing a fantastic hook.  As the song evolves, the lead vocalist shifts her vocal delivery provide cool variations of the vibe.  All the while, the band is layering more and more great instrumentation.  Collectively, I am blown away by all the "stuff" that is going on.

Then, in the later parts of the song, the female backing vocals (Subie Subie) are replaced by male vocals delivering the same line (Subie Subie).  I think this variation is great.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

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