D To The A - Dafuniks

from the album Enter The Sideshow Groove (2013)

Dafuniks are a hip-hop band from Denmark.  This year, they released Enter The Sideshow Groove, a record loaded with cool vibes and grooves that has become a mainstay when my funky friends pop by for a visit.

I've been delayed in writing about them because I could not decide which tune I digged most.  Not enough records stump me this way.

But after holding a gun to my own head, I chose D To The A.  Not only does the bouncing groove put you in a party mood, the song's title instructs you how to play along.  If so inclined, you can pick up your Fender Jazz, bounce some octaves on D and A, and wallah, you own the funk.

Also of note are the vocals by another great Danish artist, Barbara Moleko.  She is one of my favorite artists this year.  If you have a chance, check out her single Sugar Man.

I urge you to give Dafuniks a chance.  They will likely put a bounce in your step.

Click Here to listen to D To The A.