Form And Function - Hookworms

from the album Pearl Mystic (2013)

Hookworms are a five piece band from Leeds, England.  I dig their debut album - Pearl Mystic - because it is loud and has a raucous energy that you should expect from a young rock and roll outfit.  The difference with Hookworms is the quality of their songwriting and performance.

Form And Function is my favorite song on the album.  At just under six minutes, it is much longer than standard debut album outbursts.  The organ introduction quickly gives way to guitars that hook you with a catchy progression.  Then enter the almost unintelligible call and response vocals.  It took me several listens to understand what they are saying, but I sure do like it.  When the lead guitar comes in, I am sold.  It's been a long time since I've rock and rolled.

The ending of the song is also noteworthy, with the drums and guitars playing with a keen intensity that does not let up.  Turn it up and enjoy.

Click Here to listen to the album version of Form And Function.

Click Here to watch the song played live in Liverpool.