History Eraser - Courtney Barnett

from the album The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas (2013)

Every year, new artists create original music that evokes vibes from the past.  This year, bands have been putting a new spin on 80's new wave, Pink Floyd, and - surprisingly - Nancy Sinatra.  I dig it all.  But the artist who has most captivated me with her incorporation of yesteryear is Australian singer/songwriter Courtney Barnett.

I suppose that is because her new record A Sea Of Split Peas brings to mind classic Bob Dylan and psychedelic spirits while remaining firmly planted in a modern presentation.  If forced to pick one, my favorite song on the "double EP" would have to be History Eraser.

The craftsmanship on this song is superb.  The foundation is created by a frenetic drum beat and garage-tinged rhythm guitar whose repetitive patterns create a trippy vibe.  This is heightened by a keyboard track that one might equate with a acid-induced bus ride across India.  The result is pure psychedelia.

The engineering of the record is also of note, producing a very analog sound that adds to the vibe.

But the best part of this song is the performance by Courtney Barnett.  Her almost-spoken vocal stylings are perfectly suited for this song.  The words ramble off her lips.  The visual imagery is surreal.  They add to the music and production to hypnotize the listener.  And then everything stops on occasion to a doubled-up vocal singing "In my brain I rearrange the letters on the page to spell your name."  It is magnificent.

Click Here to watch the official music video.

Click Here to watch the band performing History Eraser live in a radio station.