Jackie Boy - Scott & Charlene's Wedding

from the album Any Port In A Storm (2013)

Craig Dermody is the brainchild of Scott & Charlene's Wedding.  He is a Melbourne, Australia native who now makes music in Brooklyn USA.  I find that pretty cool since I consider those to be the planet's two best places for aspiring music artists today.

The band name is taken from the long running Australian Soap Opera, Neighbours.  In July 1987, two popular characters - Scott and Charlene (played by Kylie Minogue) - got hitched to an audience of over  20 million viewers across Australia and the UK.  For US readers, it was kind of like Luke and Laura's wedding on General Hospital.

The band plays a lo-fi indie groove that is driven by guitars and fresh, unpretentious lyrics.  It is the kind of music I used to admire in my younger NYC daze, hangin' out in scuzzy East Village and Hoboken joints.  Back when Brooklyn was where your grandmother lived.

I've been most enjoying the song Jackie Boy.  Guitars are blaring over bass and drums while the vocals remind you that it is just fine being a young bohemian, scrimping your way to get by, figuring out your way in the world.

There is something about lo-fi honesty that tugs on my heartstrings.  Sometimes I just want to chuck it all away and start a band.  Then I think of all the cheating bar owners, who screw you out of the money you've earned while your shoes are sticking to their sleazy floors.

Actually, it is not all that different from where I am now...

Click Here to watch the official music video.

Click Here to watch Jackie Boy performed live in a small UK bar.