Mozart In Da Ghetto - Mister Modo & Ugly Mac Beer

from the EP Liqid (2013)

Why listen to The Nutcracker when you can listen to Mozart mixed with some hip electronic stylings?  Beats me.

Check out this short musical piece by Paris-based DJ/Producer combo Mister Modo & Ugly Mac Beer. Mister Modo is a master of beats.  I dig the way he keeps a lo-fi aesthetic to the beat and groove.  It makes for a vibe I better relate to that the slicker, more polished stuff.  Ugly Mac Beer is usually responsible for scratching on the turntables.  Here he mixes up some Mozart.  I think it sounds pretty cool.

I find myself increasingly drawn to Parisian music these days.  It feels like an island, doing its own thing, creating its own vibes, while turning a deaf ear to the rest of the world.  It serves them well.

Click Here to listen to Mister Modo's Christmas Soul & Funk Party posted three days ago on SoundCloud.

Click Here to listen to a two-minute sampling of the Liqid EP on SoundCloud.  Note that the music playing from 1:07 to 1:50 is Mozart In Da Ghetto (with some vocals overlaid).

Click Here to listen to tracks from Liqid on iTunes.