Satellite Of Love - Morrissey

from the single Satellite Of Love (2013)

I am spending this week in a seaside village on the coast of Wales.  The laid back local vibe gives me time to reflect on the past year.  It has been a hectic twelve month sprint, filled with highs and lows, but the sensation I feel most is that of being unfulfilled.  I thought that this was the year that I would breakthrough on several of my long standing pursuits.  But in spite of all the hard work and support of my friends - cosmic and otherwise - I'm not there yet.

So here I sit, recharging for the coming year.  During this time, I have become curiously enamored with Morrissey's cover of the Lou Reed classic Satellite of Love.  Perhaps it is the juxtaposing of Morrissey's croon with Lou Reed's lower-pitched street poet style, but this song grabs me.

I find myself sitting around late at night, drunk on wine, singing it to myself.  The melody haunts me.  As I listen, I can't help but think of Lou Reed's passing this year.  He is one of those music icons that I have forever chosen to identify with.  And to hear his song sung in Morrissey's other-worldliness makes me think of people - like my father - who are no longer with us, but still here in so many ways.

It also reminds me that the people in my little corner of the world are safe and healthy.  In those terms, this year was not so bad.  So as I stare at this fierce sea, thoughts shifting toward the year ahead, may I offer a toast to our hopes, our ambitions, and the well-being of those we love.

Click Here to listen to Morrissey perform Satellite Of Love.

Click Here to watch Morrissey perform at last week's Nobel Peace Prize concert.  The video contains three songs.  The second song is Satellite Of Love.


  1. Huh...cosmic friends really do think alike. I was listening to Morrisey just last night. Yes, I was. Cosmic friends never lie. They are physcially incapable, due to the interference with the disperal of jigawatts in their flux capacitors, or something like that. That can really be a pain. And you think you have problems.

    Chin up, Mr. Sitting in a Seaside Village on the Coast of Wales, Drinking Wine.

    It will all turn out roses.


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