There Can Be Only One - Cass McCombs

from the album Big Wheel And Others (2013)

Have you ever driven across a desolate plain towards a majestic mountain?  When you first see it, your heart starts pumping and you start to speed up.  A little later, you can feel the engine working harder as you subliminally begin your climb.  Then more and more time passes and you think "Holy shit, am I ever going to get there."  So you kick it in a little harder, you hear the engine hum, staring through the windshield at a mountain in distance.

That kind of sums up 2013 for me.  I have set a course and worked my ass off, but I'm not there yet.  Personally and professionally.  When I look in the mirror, I see a guy who has aged at an accelerated rate.  I am sun drenched and burnt, beaten and worn, but still kicking it into that next gear.  I will stand on that mountain.  There is no doubt.

I realized on a flight the other day that the music I've been gravitating towards matches the guy I see in the mirror.  Songs like There Can Be Only One by Cass McCombs.  The song has a burnt out vibe, but the beat goes on, never letting up.  It may seem melancholy, but there is a determined optimism that prevails.

Sometimes music is the mirror.

Click Here to listen to the album version of There Can Be Only One.