Waltz About Whiskey - Mandolin Orange

from the album This Side Of Jordan (2013)

The waltz is a musical style with roots dating back to 16th century Germany.  It may truly be the first "world" music, having first spread across Europe before being carried by settlers to South and North America.  I find the American varieties to be most satisfying, particularly in its cajun and bluegrass forms.

Nowhere is this better represented than on the song Waltz About Whiskey by Mandolin Orange.  The band's website quotes Ashleigh Phillips of Independent Weekly as saying:

"Mandolin Orange carries an understanding of tradition and shapes it into a thing of beauty.  They craft simple songs that go beyond chord progressions and vocal harmonies, leading somehow to something pure."

On this song, the North Carolina duo of Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz deliver a new American classic consisting of mandolin, acoustic guitar, and beautiful harmonies.  The studio version subtly adds brushes on a snare, piano, steel guitar, bass, and fiddle.  This creates a timelessness and makes the song most danceable.

I also dig the lyrics.  Here are the first verse and chorus:

Once the gettin' was good, but now the gettin's got gone
So I'm going downtown, just to tie one on
I'm oak aged and sour, I'm goin' down by the hour
And I'm as blue as the night is long

Won't someone dance with me, to a waltz about whiskey
And turn my sad songs to lullabies
I don't need much except for all your lovin'
And a waltz about whiskey on ice

One of the joys of mining mountains of new music is finding gems like this.  These are the songs that our years on earth will hopefully be remembered for.

Click Here to watch the official music video, released three days ago.

Click Here to watch Mandolin Orange performing a stripped down version of Waltz About Whiskey in a minivan.