A Button On Your Blouse - Drowners

from the album Drowners (2014)

For any band, there is nothing like that first album.  That first statement to the world.  A proclamation.

For this gigolo, there are few things I dig more than listening to these albums.  They are a source of renewal.  A rebirth.

This Tuesday, Drowners release their eponymous debut record to the world.  It is quite a statement.  Both post punk and commercial, it has an energy that I enjoy.  You hear it in the snap of the snare drum and the sense of comradeship in the choruses and musical breaks.  It is the stuff of rock and roll dreams.

My favorite track on the album is The Button On Your Blouse.  This song has an 80's sensibility from the opening guitar hook.  Along the way, more modern alternative groups like Arctic Monkeys come to mind.  But for me, I dig that this is a Brooklyn band playing music from a different NYC era.  The Dinkins days, when things were dirtier and a bit more dangerous.  Am I really reminiscing about filth?

This band also has one essential element that could lead them to broad success.  Their frontman Matt Hitt.  Aside from his quality vocals and stage presence, he is photogenic and has the look.  Actually, this Welshman's prior day job was as a fashion model.  That will help.

So, welcome Drowners to the recording universe.  May 2014 be filled with debut albums like this.

Click Here to listen to A Button On Your Blouse on SoundCloud.

Click Here to watch the song performed live at The Knitting Factory.


  1. As instructed by my 19 year old to "download that shit when it comes out, Mom...." I have. And I have just texted him that I have done so, so that he can log in to my account from school to access it. Those were the rules. Far be it from me not to follow them.

    Good stuff. I appreciate more than their sound though, which is great. As you mention ( in slightly different words) being a cutie never hurts.


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