Baby Shake - Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound

from the album Fine Rude Thing (2014)

Once upon a time, three local bands ruled the bars on Milwaukee's Brady Street.  They were the Violent Femmes playing angst fueled soon-to-be classics, like Blister In The Sun, The BoDeans with Sam and Kurt playing a roots rock that captured the heartland's emptiness, and The R&B Cadets with a brand of blue-eyed funk and soul that made you feel good about being alive.

Thirty years later, Paul Cebar is the last man standing from that magical time, laying down his hip-swayin', funky groove with new players now, but with the same result as he did with The Cadets.  On his latest release, I am drawn to the song Baby Shake.

It is a little more rock & roll that usual, largely due to the horn arrangement and lead guitar tone, but the groove is pure funk-laced soul.  It is cool how you can feel effect of the bass line and drum beat even though they are sitting back deep in the mix.  Part of it is Paul Cebar's vocal delivery, part of it are the congas, but the real credit goes to the stellar rhythm section.

Paul Cebar is one of those special people whose music that enriches the lives of his audience.   Do yourself a favor and sample the entire record.  You just join his party.

Click Here to listen to the album version on SoundCloud.

Click Here to listen to a live version recorded for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal.