Catalunya - Tinsley Ellis

from the album Get It! (2013)

Will the blues survive?

Although it sounds like a silly question, go to a blues club.  The audience looks like a casting call for a Viagra commercial.  Middle aged white men trying to look young, with a couple of blues mamas hanging around for support.  Will they still be out in the bars ten years from now?  If not, will the next generation of Viagra poppers still listen to the blues?  If not them, then who?

I have become convinced that the future of the blues is for it to find a new life and new audience by injecting influences of more modern genres.  Blues meets Hip-Hop.  Blues meets Electronica.  Purists call it sacrilege.  This gigolo considers it the survival of America's musical DNA.

I feel for all the great bluesmen out there today.  They are incredible musicians marginalized by a perception that they are no longer relevant.  Take a listen to Catalunya by Tinsley Ellis.  Listen to the way he plays the guitar.  Can you hear the echoes of Carlos Santana?  Albert Collins?  Albert King?  This guy typically plays in small Atlanta bars.  He should be playing in stadiums.

My belief is that the blues will indeed survive.  Someone will redefine the sound and find an eager audience.  If not, we are in for trouble.  After all, as Willie Dixon put it, "The blues are the roots, and the rest are the fruits."

Click Here to watch Tinsley Ellis perform Catalunya live.


  1. Thanks Gigolo. You hit it and Tinsley rips it. I would agree that blues will need to morph itself into not only 1 or 2 different rivers but into a multitude of streams, rivers, brooks and ponds. And the swimming will be great!


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