Good Times - Matt Costa

from the album Matt Costa (2013)

Good times are coming
Those good times are coming
Those good times are coming to an end

One of the shitty things about life is that the chorus above is all too true.

In my world, there is a close relationship that is about to be severed.  It is going to cause hurt and hardship.  Probably some resentment.  But that is the way it goes.  So tonight, I'm sipping Coté De Rhone and thinking about the good times.  And man, we really had some.  Stories I'll never forget.  It sucks.

So when the song Good Times by Matt Costa popped up on my latest mix, I lost myself in the chorus.  It is fun to sing along with.  The vibe is reminiscent of the songs John Lennon made with Harry Nilsson back in the 70's.  The happy and catchy melody perfectly juxtaposes the sad lyric.  I dig how songs like this let you reflect on something negative and walk away feeling positive.  The power of music…

So, here is a toast to those past relationships.  May the brilliance of our good times always outshine the darkness of our parting.

Click Here to watch the music video for Good Times.


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