Hey Joe - Charlotte Gainsbourg

from the single Hey Joe (2013)

When most artists cover a rock and roll classic, they pick up the tempo.  Louder, faster.  Faster, louder. After all, it shows their toughness.  Their edge.  But I dig it when they slow it down.  Way down.  Sing Blitzkrieg Bop as slow as you can.  I dig that.

Charlotte Gainsbourg crushes Jimi Hendrix by going soft and slow.  We've all heard Hey Joe a thousand times.  We know every nuance.  So why not slow it down at and shine a light on every note in your musical memory?

How hard must it have been for the drummer to keep such a downtempo beat?  How fun must it have been for the bass player to lay down the line and runs in slow motion?  How hard did the guitarist work to get the tone just right?  How low were the lights set when the backing vocalists sang like heroin entering your vein?  What a thrill it must have been for the band to build their intensity while still sitting back in the groove?

And how good is Charlotte Gainsbourg?  Her vocals, hushed and sultry.  She's going down to shoot her old lady.  You know she caught him messing around with another man.  It is a crime of passion.  I dig that kind of crime.  I wanna go take that trip down to Mexico way.

Click Here to listen to Charlotte Gainsbourg perform Hey Joe.