I Know That You Know That I Know That You Know That I Know… - The Ploctones

from the album Ploc (2013)

The Ploctones are a jazz from the Netherlands.

Before any of you anti-jazz bigots stop reading, you need to listen to these guys.  They make great music that has moments of avant-funk meets mayhem that I really dig.  Credit this to their expanded vision and their musicianship.

Guitarist Anton Goudsmit blows me away with his fearless use of abrasive use of tone and technique.  Sometimes he sounds more like Jimi Hendrix than jazz.  Drummer Martijn Vink also helps differentiate this band by rocking out at times, switching to African polyrhythms at others, to playing the perfect jazz ballad.  No wonder he has played with greats like Herbie Hancock and John Scofield.

The song I Know That You Know… is a fascinating listen.  Bass and heavy saxophone lay down the central riff for cacophony and mayhem to explode from.  Within seconds, you are treated to wild, avant-garde horn playing over the riff.  It is maddening chaos.  Then enters the intense guitar playing, chopping at chords, bending the strings like he was strangling a bird.

I've never rocked out to jazz quite like this before.

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