Songs She Sang In The Shower - Jason Isbell

from the album Southeasterner (2013)

Songs She Sang In The Shower is the song I most regret not writing about in 2013.  On first listen to Jason Isbell's splendid album, I became enamored with the song Super 8.  However, as the year wore on my preference slowly shifted.

This song haunts me.  As Jason Isbell sings about losing a woman, you feel his genuineness and remorse.  I am touched by the little things that he misses, like the songs she sang in the shower.  But I am knocked out by his storytelling, where each vignette offers a slice of emotion that feels so real.  Like these:

And in the car
Headed home
She asked if I considered the prospect of living alone

With a stake
Held to my eye
I had to summon the confidence needed to hear her goodbye

But above all, there is one line that always causes me to think:

And the frost on the ground probably envy's the frost on the trees

What a great original thought!  I do not recall ever hearing despair expressed so elegantly.

This song, with its moving lyrics and music, belongs amongst the best songs of 2013.

Click Here to listen to the album version of Songs She Sang In The Shower.

Click Here to watch him perform the song acoustically in a St. Louis record store.


  1. There isn't a single line in this song I haven't thought about and said to myself, "Wow".

    The one you mention..."the frost on the ground probably envies the frost on the trees" is the biggest "wow". What a line.

    I had thought he meant a stake was held to his eye until I realized that doesn't make as much sense as an actual steak, as in piece of meat-since he got punched in the face...maybe?? As you can see I've thought a lot about this song.

    Another wow factor comes from the line:

    "In a room, by myself
    Looks like I'm here with a guy
    That I judge worse than anyone else..."

    Who hasn't ever thought that? We are all sometimes our own worst enemy.

    Awesomeness....that's all. Pure and simple.

    Thanks for writing about it.

  2. You are correct. I went to the liner notes on the CD and the lyric says "steak". Good catch.

    However, I think that "stake" is way more dramatic for a guy who is about to be dumped by a woman he loves. I dig the visual.

    Then again, Jason Isbell seems like a "no drama" kind of guy.

  3. What does this mean?

    And the frost on the ground probably envy's the frost on the trees

    1. I think it means we are all here briefly but the less fortunate will envy the fortunate.

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