The Gig That Matters - Amy Ray

from the album Goodnight Tender (2014)

In the Indigo Girls, Amy Ray is noted for her rockin' sensibility.  But that does not do her justice.  She is the consummate musician, capable of producing high-calibre product across many genres.  This month, she released Goodnight Tender, which is categorized as her first "country" album.  But for me, it is just another angle to view an incredible talent.

I have locked into The Gig That Matters.  Recorded in the North Carolina mountains, this song revives the ghosts of nameless Appalachian musicians playing music with their family and friends.  It sounds superb.

The central theme of the song is that all the time working on her craft here on earth is preparing Amy for "the gig that matters" up in heaven.  Cool stuff.

But for me, this song begs the question "What is the gig that matters here on earth?"  What is my calling?  How do I choose to measure myself?  Are the things I dedicate myself to the things that really matter?

All good questions.  No answers yet.  But I dig tunes that cause me to reflect like this…

Click Here to view the trailer for the album Goodnight Tender.  It is pretty enlightening.

Click Here to watch Amy Ray performing The Gig That Matters acoustically in a North Georgia bar.

Click Here to listen to a sampling of the album version of The Gig That Matters from Amy Ray's website.  It is Track #3.