Thru The Field - Memory Tapes

from the EP Grace / Confusion (2012)

A few days ago, I put together a playlist of recent tunes that have an 80's new music vibe.  There is no shortage of them and it is amazing how great they sound.  I have friends who are still listening to their 30 year old Echo & The Bunnymen vinyl, convinced that it is the apex of modern music.  They are not aware of this newer, alternative universe.

Last night, I was listening to this playlist on a flight back home and one song particularly caught my ear,  Thru The Field by Memory Tapes.

What makes this song different is that - rather than sound like a modern take on 80's new music - this song makes you do a double take to convince yourself that this wasn't actually recorded in the 80's.  The tones and arrangements are that accurate.  It is a credit Dayve Hawke that he has pulled off such an accomplishment.

The keyboard introduction, the little cowbell hook, and the higher register vocals are straight from a distant time.  The arrangement with the breakdowns, overlays, and bridge are masterful.  As the unfurl, each keyboard tone puts you that much closer to the Pretty In Pink soundtrack.

But the thing that puts it over the top for me is the guitar lead that enters in the latter parts of the song.  The tone and playing style are so spot on.  My favorite thing is when the guitar doubles up on the notes, sounding like Wayne and Garth going into a time warp.  It is both cheeky and appropriate.  I dig that.

I hope you find this song as fun to listen to as I do, although I have no expectation it will make some of you give up your Echo vinyl.

Click Here to listen the EP version of Thru The Field.


  1. First favorite of 2014.

    His voice reminds me of Pet Shop Boys. And I'll say it again...any Echo reference is still zang in my book. Appropriate that you mention Wayne and Garth!

    For some of us, it's not the vinyl we cling to, but a sweet of the few that survive.

    Great song.


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