Why Write A Letter That You'll Never Send - The Drones

from the album I See Seaweed (2013)

Every once in a while, I come across a tune that I can't get enough of.  One containing a thousand hidden truths, slowly revealed, like Salome and the Dance of the Seven Qualudes.  Why Write A Letter That You'll Never Send by The Drones is one of those songs.

This song is a  9:17 smack down of the world we live in, put to music that reminds me of a cross between David Bowie's Life On Mars and The Rolling Stones' Memory Motel.  But it is ooh so much more.

What I wouldn't give to have drinks with the lyricist !!! I hang on every word.  After painting a picture of despair - with hook lines that include the song's title and "everyone's hurting and their needs are always stark" - the song swells into a rant that includes:

And who cares for their survival
And who cares about the Yanks
Who cares if they get overrun
By Chinese nukes and tanks

Who cares about the holocaust
Man we didn't learn nothing there
And all its memory does is
Keep the History Channel on air

Then it goes on and becomes tender, full of great rhymes like appropriate and opiate.  It is truly magnificent.

The musicianship is equally amazing.  I dig the piano track that creates the thoughtful chord structure.  The drums, the guitar, the bass, the backing vocals.  All perfect.  The band's dynamics are mighty, rising to crescendos and falling to hushed passages.  It is almost to much to bare.

And then there is the vocal performance of Gareth Liddiard.  Wow.

Click Here to listen to Why Write A Letter That You'll Never Send on SoundCloud.