Balança (Não Pode Parar!) - Bossacucanova

from the album Our Kind Of Bossa (2014)

Bossacucanova.  I just dig saying their name.  Bossacucanova.

Now take a listen to this groovy ass tune.  If your anything like me, you'll be dancing around the house in no time.

This song is great for anytime from cooking breakfast on a Sunday morning to chilling out on the back porch with your funky friends in the wee hours.  Hell, you could even hear this song in an Austin Powers movie.

Not speaking Portuguese, I just dig the music and the vocal stylings.  Every instrument stands out.  Piano.  Bass.  Drums.  Horns.  Cool Chick Vocals.  What a vibe.

This is my favorite song of the year, thus far.

Click Here to watch the song played in the band's Brazilian sound lair.  I would love to hang out there.


  1. Heck yeah!! I can't not move to this...!


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