Black Beehive - Big Head Todd & The Monsters

from the album Black Beehive (2014)

Until last year, I did not have any Big Head Todd stories to share.  Now I have two.

The first one began at a Holly Williams show where the sponsoring radio station offered two free tickets to a concert where four bands - Soul Asylum, Matthew Sweet, The Wailers, and Big Head Todd & The Monsters - would each play their best selling album in its entirety.  The winner had to answer a music trivia question.  I whispered the answer to my lady friend, who won the tickets.

When the concert date arrived, I was stuck out of town and she invited one of her best friends.  They drank a lot.  By the time Big Head Todd came on stage to close the show they were loaded.  While my lady friend was blabbing to the folks next to her, her girlfriend jumped on stage and started dancing beside Big Head Todd.  When the county sheriff walked to the center of the stage to drag her off, she punched him in the head and wound up in jail.  Tough night.

A few months later, my friends Jack Yoder & The 2 Piece Suit were playing at a blues bar in Denver named Ziggies.  Between sets, Jack is approached by a guy who has a bunch of questions about his tone and technique.  Jack wonders "who is this dude," then is advised that this is "Todd, from Big Head Todd."  They jammed.

Why has my life suddenly become infused with Big Head Todd stories?  When I shared them with my funky friends, they had stories too.  How does this Big Head Todd manage to touch so many of the people in my life?  It is all a bit disconcerting.  I'm having nightmares with large skulled piñatas.  I can't watch the Macy*s Parade.  I'm freaking out.

Perhaps it was all to ensure that I would check out Black Beehive, the brand new album by Big Head Todd & The Monsters.  I particularly dig the title track.  The song is a tribute to Amy Winehouse and her black beehive.  The opening lyrics go like this:

Twenty-seven years old
She could not keep control
Of her broken hearted soul
And the reckless way she'd go
Shaking that good ol' tambourine
And a '57 microphone
Black Beehive
Tattooed arms
Singing that soul song
Can't go on

I really dig the vibe of this song.  I like the vocals, the keyboards, and the guitar work.  I particularly dig that this song is about Amy Winehouse.  She was awesome.

Click Here to watch Black Beehive performed live.

Click Here to watch Todd playing with Jack Yoder & The 2 Piece Suit.


  1. What a coincidence that you would write about the coincidence of Todd Park Mohr and Jack Yoder getting to jam together. What a coincidence that I made the decision to go out for happy hour with friends last Wednesday on a bitter cold night, only to find out that Jack Yoder and The 2 Piece Suit were playing in the bar next door. I didn't care that my dumb friends ditched me- I went anyway. A lady by herself in a cigar bar...makes one go hmmm....but Jack, Vito and Brad saved me from such scrutiny. All such nice guys! A happy hour turned into a great night. It was pretty cosmic.

    Great song, by the way. I don't have any great stories about Big Head Todd, other than getting soaked at his show a few years ago at Red Rocks, where the BoDeans were the opening act...another great night for the books.

    1. Don't worry, I'm sure Big Head Todd will find his way into your life soon...

    2. And I am sure it will happen in the most cosmic of ways, at this point.

      I love Big Head Todd!

      Broken Hearted Saviour...

      Ummm...the best!!


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