Blame It On Me - John Butler Trio

from the album Flesh & Blood (2014)

For me, there is nothing like a really good three piece rock band.  Within this framework, bass, guitar, and drums must each hold down their end of the bargain, while the absence of other instruments allows them to expand their performances and treat listeners to all the goodies in their individual bag of tricks.

John Butler Trio is a three piece band that I dig.  These Australians they play a rootsy brand of jam rock that I particularly like listening to when driving on the Interstate.  During these times, my mind has a tendency to wander and I have an inclination to speed.  This record fuels both.

I am drawn to the song Blame It On Me.  It starts with the bass playing of Byron Luiters.  This cat knows how to lay down a groove.  Sometimes, when I get lost in the jam, his lines remind me of Paul Simonon of the Clash.  It must be the raga thing.  Next is the rock solid beat of drummer Nicky Bomba.  It has that same definitive strength that I equate with bands like The Police, except that as the jam unfurls he can go into all that cool percussiveness that The Dead purvey.

Finally, there is John Butler himself.  His guitar work and vocals are masterful.  I love how he mixes up the meter of his vocals to change the song's vibe.  Not many vocalists can do that.  Sometimes you catch a Chili Peppers vibe while at others it is something completely different.  The extended instrumental breaks are also great, showing off his fine guitar chops.

Clash, Police, Dead, Chili Peppers.  That is enough praise to heap on these guys.  Is it too much?  You need to decide that.

Click Here to listen to the album version of Blame It On Me on SoundCloud.

Click Here to watch Blame It On Me performed live in Brisbane, Australia.