Código de Barra - Bajofondo

from the album Presente (2013)

Comprised of musicians from Argentina and Uruguay, Bajofondo play a brand of music called Electrotango.  It is a fascinating crease in the musical spectrum, breathing new life into an amazing - but aging - musical genre.  I always dig that.

I first tuned into this band when I discovered an instrumental version of their song Pa' Bailar in a NYC hotel lounge a few years ago.  The DJ was all about this band, urging me to check them out.  Glad I did.

Over the past week, my musical interests have been gravitating towards South America (perhaps because it is summer there).  This led me to check back into Bajofondo to see what was up.  That is when I first heard the song Código de Barra.  This song has great orchestration over a punching beat.  When the strings subside, the bandoneon takes over.  This instrument - named in the mid 1800's after German instrument dealer Heinrich Band - is in the same general family as the accordion, but produces a specific tone that is most often associated with tango music.

Hope you dig their vibe…

Click Here to listen to the album version of Código de Barra.

Click Here to watch the song performed live.