Crucify The Commodore - Hailer

from the album El Cosmico (2014)

Hailer is a rock band from Sydney, Australia.  The name has two definitions that I could determine: 1) One that greets, acclaims, or catches attention (as in hailing a taxi cab) 2) A bullhorn.

I stumbled across the song Tina the other day on SoundCloud.  It instantly struck a chord with me.  I believe it was something in the vocals stylings.  You see, I had recently caught a Robyn Hitchcock gig and this song shares some of the quirky visual imagery that I most admire Mr. Hitchcock for.

As I dove deeper in this group, I discovered their forthcoming release - El Cosmico - on SoundCloud.  It was amazing that this was the same band.  This record has a harder edge.  Exploring their entire catalogue, it seems that there is an evolution with each record.  That is a trait common to great bands.

I particularly dig the song Crucify The Commodore.  It has an intensity that I dig.

Click Here to listen to Crucify The Commodore on SoundCloud.