Empty Me Out - Liz Vice

from the album There's A Light (2014)

Empty Me Out is a record that I really dig.  It represents one of those magical occasions where musicians, engineers, and producers come together to execute their craft with a delicate precision and reverence to the song.  Examples of this achievement are all too infrequent.  Carole King's Tapestry is an excellent example.

This result is all the more improbable when you consider that There's A Light is a debut album in the unheralded sub genre of Neo-Gospel.  Here Liz Vice creates a masterpiece that captures the essence of great 1970's analog R&B and Soul vibes and mixes them with a light Gospel theme.

I have long held that the two essential elements of a great song are the songwriting and vocal performance.  This song delivers on both.  Liz Vice sings with a subtle confidence and integrity that I find mesmerizing.  The harmonies are also perfect, as is the musicianship.  The tone of the keyboards, the drumming, the subliminal bass groove, and the guitar accents are all stellar.  Even the tambourine is perfectly placed.

The songwriting is masterful.  The structure of the song.  The space inside the music that allows you to appreciate every note of the inviting vibe.  Those moody minor chords.  The bridge.  The beautiful lyrics.  It is all so special.

I find that this album is best listened to late in the evening, preferably with a glass of wine, when you can truly relax and enjoy.  Its warmth and fidelity gives me chills.

Click Here to listen to the album version of Empty Me Out.