Living In a Dream - KBong

from the EP Rising (2014)

Over the past few years, I have grown wearisome of musical genres and have begun filing songs based on my activities when listening to them.  Now I have great playlists with names like "Spreadsheet Tunes" and "Cooking On A Sunday Morning."  One of my most popular is "Time To Chill."  Lord knows where I might be without it.

This week, I added the song Living In A Dream by KBong to the chill mix.  It has that downtempo vibe that helps me relax.  The music consists of three basic elements:  a drum machine with a cool effect, a synthesizer track that gives a sense of orchestration, and an acoustic guitar.  The texture of the acoustic guitar does a nice job of juxtaposing the other two electronic tracks and gives the song a welcome welcome warmth.

The vocals have a nice meter and play well with the music.  As the title infers, the lyrics are about living in a dream and serve as a calling to some kind of higher existence.

But most of all I dig this song for the vibe.  It is good for when you want to slow down and relax.

Click Here to listen to Living In A Dream.


  1. KBong is awesome!

    This song provides the calm that typically requires either scotch or bourbon to slip away from realities stress induces. The simplicity of this song allows one's mind to synchronize with the vibrations of life allowing a conscious perception one can only achieve when asleep.


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