Metropolis - Service Bells

from the single Metropolis (2014)

As I wait not-so-patiently for spring, I dream of driving around my fair city with the top down cranking tunes.  When that day comes, I am sure that Metropolis by Service Bells will be in the mix.

Service Bells are an Australian outfit who create an early alternative vibe.  Their music is very inviting. I imagine that anyone out there who plays bass, guitar, or drums would want to grab their instrument and join right in.

On the track Metropolis, I am drawn to several things beginning with the drumming.  I dig the thud of a good rock beat.  The vocals are really fantastic, evoking an 80's sensibility.  Also, be sure to listen to the backing vocals that provide a subtle lift to the tune that is very effective.

In general, this is a song that simply feels good to listen to.

Click Here to listen to Metropolis on SoundCloud.