Off The Main Drag - Leif Vollebekk

from the album North Americana (2014)

I have a fascination with the music of desolation.  The songs that resonate with you while driving across the northern plains.  When the space in the music is only surpassed by the space in the landscape.

It is kind of like when you lay in bed in the middle of the night and can hear dozen little sounds.  Things you would never hear during the bustle of the day.

In music, it gives each sound a bit more meaning.  The subtleties of a tone, the inflection in a voice, and the meaning of a lyric.  They all weigh more when the music has space.

I quite dig the new Leif Volkebekk album North Americana, particularly the song Off The Main Drag. This folk song is Dylanesque in its simple arrangement of acoustic guitar, harmonica, and vocals.  This creates a space that allows your mind to wander.  And somehow, it also creates a sense of warmth that I find fascinating.

The power of this song also lies in its storytelling and visual imagery.  Each line reminds me of episodes in my own life and helps me relate and reflect.  The perfect thing to do when driving across the northern plains.  See you in Miles City…

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