Soldier - Tamanya Waka

from the single Soldier (2014)

Once upon a time, I dropped into an "after the bars" party hosted by a guy named Buzz.  He had great hair and wore a shark's tooth necklace.  As was often the case in the days of physical media, I ultimately found myself thumbing thru his record collection.

I had never seen these albums before.  There was Protest by Bunny Wailer, Police & Thieves by Junior Marvin, and entire catalogues of Third World, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, and of course, Bob Marley.  I soon became a regular at his place.

He taught me how to dance to a reggae tune.  "Just pretend you are dancing backwards, mon" he would say.  We had great times hanging out and listening to music.  I turned him on to bands like The Clash and The Specials.

Unfortunately, he died in a motorcycle accident way too young.

It is hard for me not to think of him when I hear a good roots reggae tune.  I can see him lighting up and jamming to the groove.  The deeper the better.

When I heard the song Soldier by Tamanya Waka, I thought of Buzz.  He would have loved the way the guitar laid down the accents on 2 and 4.  He would also have liked the drumming.  And I'm sure he would totally dig the call and response style of the lead and background vocals.

Thanks to him, I dig this tune too.

Click Here to listen to Soldier by Tamanya Waka.