Sunday Hotel - Moodymann

from the album Moodymann (2014)

Moodymann is the pseudonym of Kenny Dixon Junior.  He is a Detroit-based DJ who has forged a following by infusing soul into his electronic brand of house music.

His new album consists of 27 great songs.  My favorite is Sunday Hotel.  It is wild how fast I get lost in the pulsing groove.  It is perfect music for that SoHo lounge I regularly visit in my mind.

But the thing I really dig about the song is that it mixes in Muddy Waters.  The hook line to the song is Muddy singing "Oh yeah.  Everything's gonna be alright this morning."  Blues addicts will instantly recognize this as the introduction to the classic Mannish Boy.  It is freaky how good it sounds over this modern groove.

Last week, I was blogging about how someone needed to reenergize the blues by infusing it into more modern music.  One bluesman who reads this blog posted a link on his band's Facebook page.  This drew criticism from some blues lovers, but hearing this song by Moodymann assures me I was correct.

Click Here to listen to Sunday Hotel.


  1. The new has no place without exposure and influence from the old, as "people go with what they know!" Life, love and song are all at best imitations; however, this imitation typically comes via a passing of the flame from a mentor to a student, and the student elevates the craft in the ascension of the role of the new master.
    ex ungue leonem - "from the claw we learn of the lion" 0r in music, the chops gotta come from somewhere.


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