Teardrops Over You - Rhonda Vincent

from the album Only Me (2014)

Last fall, I attended a banquet held at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee.  It began with an open bar and a chance to tour the museum.  Three items from the tour really stood out in my mind.  First, was getting to see part of the set to the TV show Hee Haw.  I loved that.  Second, was a tribute to the Bakersfield sound popularized by Buck Owens.  It gave me a greater appreciation of its importance and was inspiring.  Last, were all of the displays of stage costumes worn by country legends over the years.  It is amazing how small most of these people were!  I guess it is true that the littlest birds sing the prettiest tunes.

When we finally settled down for the meal, it was in the physical Hall of Fame, which is not actually a hall but a rotunda, with the words "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" carved into an upper ring.  As you sit there, the plaques on the wall stare at you.  Hank, Johnny, Patsy, George, Loretta.  You get it.

It reminded me of the greatness of classic country music.  Sometimes it is easy to shrug off the stuff you hear on the radio today.  But when you listen to the classics, that represents some of the greatest American music ever recorded.  These artists have been in my heavy rotation ever since.

It also draws me to musicians who evoke the classic country style.  Earlier this week, I came across the song Teardrops Over You by Rhonda Vincent.  The pedal guitar intro, the restrained tempo, the light touch of the country piano track, and the arrangement all scream classic Nashville.  I dig that.

And then there is Rhonda Vincent's voice.  She was made to sing this song.  Every note is memorable.  So is the fiddle.

Click Here to watch Rhonda Vincent perform Teardrops Over You.  It is a cool studio performance with her mother and brother lending their voices to the harmonies.