Evil Eye - Daddy Long Legs

from the album Evil Eye On You (2012)

Three siblings of the Mason family - John, Michael, and Melissa - gathered in Austin from places like Los Angeles and Atlanta to hang out together and check out bands at SXSW.  I was lucky to hang out with them.  In fact, of all the cool things I got to do this week, nothing can compare to hanging out with them.

Today, we hooked up at the Hotel Vegas for an afternoon of great music.  Mike became enthralled with the NYC band Daddy Long Legs and rallied us to hop to their evening show at the Palm Door on 6th Street.  I am so glad we did.

This band captivated the audience with a three piece ensemble consisting of harmonica, guitar, and drums.  Their music is a brand of harmonica driven blues that oozes John Lee Hooker with every psychotic beat.

We were at the front of the stage, in total euphoria, listening to their hard party jam.  I think we were even playing Air Tuba on occasion.  It was everything that seeing a live band is all about.  This band is outstanding.

But the week was really all about the Masons.  I dig this family.  We should all be so lucky as to have loved ones we can have raw fun with.  I am forever grateful for them to let me be a part of their celebration.

Click Here to watch Daddy Long Legs perform their song Evil Eye.  It is a memory I will never forget.