Heaven, How Long - East India Youth

from the album Total Strife Forever (2014)

Sometimes I think of music in terms of threads that span generations of likeminded artists.  The musical spectrum is loaded with these threads.  They are fun to uncover.

Lately, I have traced several of these threads back to one man:  Vince Clarke.  For those unfamiliar, Vince was the creative genius who created Depeche Mode.  Their early songs like Just Can't Get Enough are his handiwork.  As that band reached a larger audience, he quit to remain in the clubs with bands like Yaz and Erasure.  A "Best of Vince Clarke" compilation could easily include fifty great songs.

I hear shades of Vince Clarke in the synthesizer stylings of East India Youth, which is actually the stage name of the British electronic musician, William Boyle.  Of the songs on his debut album, my favorite is Heaven, How Long.

The patterns of the synthesizer, the Andy Bell inspired vocal stylings, the way the song slowly builds to a mighty crescendo.  This will be a favorite of my friends who remain lost in the 80's.

I hope this thread continues forever.

Click Here to listen to Heaven, How Long.


  1. We're not lost. We just don't know where we are.

    1. I'm guessing you are somewhere between Electric Avenue and Fascination Street.


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