I'll Follow You - Dead Moon

from the EP Too Many People (2012)

Dead Moon was a punk rock band from Portland, Oregon.  Their career spanned from the mid 80's until the mid 00's.  They never gained as large a US following as in Europe, but they were a favorite of many influential American musicians, like Eddie Vedder, who recorded their songs both with Pearl Jam and solo.

I have long been a fan of their bass player, Toody Cole.  Aside from being an excellent bassist, she had an incredible stage presence with her vintage Vox "teardrop" bass.  This is one of the coolest basses ever made, but is often ignored by male players because - at 3/4 scale - it simply looks too small for their looming images.  But on Toody, it looked great.

I recently came across their posthumous EP Too Many People containing some previously unreleased gems, including I'll Follow You.  This country-tinged punk ballad has an authenticity and sincerity that I cannot get enough of.  In fact, I dig it so much that it might just make "Soundtrack For My Wake", the most sacred playlist on my computer.

This song features Toody in all her glory.  Her voice off-key and cracking in a way that gives me chills.  The lyrics to this song are beautiful.  Check out the second stanza:

They say we won't last
When our dreams are all cashed
And I'm nothing to hang on to

They say we won't ride
To the end of the rainbow
I'm only gonna hurt you

I'll follow you
To places I don't know
I love you
And I'll never let you go

Seldom has a "rarity" had such an effect on me.  Toody is a punk !!!

Click Here to listen to I'll Follow You.