Kong - The Notwist

from the album Close To The Glass (2014)

The Notwist are a well established German indie rock band with strong pop and electronic sensibilities.

Writing for National Public Radio, Stephen Thomas said: "Throughout Close To The Glass, The Notwist lets many sides of its sound peek out, as straightforward pop-rock melts together with the pulse of Krautrock until they become indistinguishable."

Krautrock.  I dig that term.  It always make me think of shiny stuff.  People with hard bodies, wearing shiny black leather boots.  Even their houseplants in their minimalistic apartments are shiny.   It is all so hard and shiny.  Sehr gut.

The song Kong fascinates me.  It strikes me as something you might come up with if you were trying to write the perfect indie rock song.

In my mind, I would start with a tempo that was just a little quick.  Then I would add some rough - but not too rough - guitar work, followed by a warm and inviting vocal with layers of dreamy backing vocals.  There would be a catchy melody line and a synthesizer track to tie all the elements together.  Then towards the end, I would add an Asian-inspired keyboards and Pete Townsend-inspired power chords on an acoustic guitar to demonstrate my transcontinental hipness and authenticity.

Holy moly, this is that song…

Click Here to watch the official music video for Kong.


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